Cooking in 3 European Countries – Scottish, Polish and Italian Cuisine

Cuisines in different parts of the world are of course not the same. But even on the same continent they can vary. Such difference we can see in three European countries – which are so close but have so not matching cuisine.

Scottish Cuisine. It is popular saying that Scottish Cuisine is not so good and tasty and it doesn’t have anything that people can think about after tasting. But nothing more wrong. Scots have lots of tasty dishes like in example Scones, Dundee cakes. We have also Highlander Soup and Ecclefechan Butter Tart. The Scottish cuisine has something similar with French one so that’s why we can also find here some shellfish and sea food.

As it comes to see food it is probably the only part that connects Scottish cuisine with the Italian one. The Italian cuisine seems to be more unhealthy, from the one site, than the Scottish one and more healthy, from the other site. There is a lot of pasta, desserts and eating after late night hours. There is also wine drunk in huge amounts (Scots don’t drink as much whisky, surely). But there is also olive oil in itFind Article, sea food and salads – maybe healthier than the Scottish one.

Something in between is Polish cuisine. This type of cuisine has big traditions in unhealthy eating like in example a lot of meat and grease. But Polish people like to be in shape and their cuisine is getting better year after year. They are eating a lot of vegetables and fruits which are more natural than in many other countries.

The best way is to combine these three cuisines. And we will have the healthiest cuisines in the world!