French Food and American Food: The Major Differences

Talking of foods in these two country, it would be appropriate to inform the readers that both the countries are rich in culinary heritage and have received kudos from food aficionado, but if you are planning to have a taste of the cuisines of both these countries, you are sure to get different taste different approach of cooking and different cuisine altogether.

The food history of France harks back to the ancient past and has evolved through the ages, on the other hand American food doesn’t have a opulent past to fall back upon, but the food habits of America is very methodological and significant.
Americans tend to have three meals in a single day that is breakfast, lunch and dinner. Americans are more keen in shopping fruits and food item and vegetables from the supermarket whereas recent studies and general observation confirm that people of France especially in Paris are more keen in shopping from outdoor market, where the fare is much standard as compared to supermarket and moreover one can choose his or her fruits and vegetables which are required by that particular individual.
One of the basic difference between American and French culinary is the usage of ingredients. It has been observed that the people of France are more keen in using fresh and local ingredients whereas the American food is a ready made processed food.

Several chefs are of the opinion in-spite of major difference there are few similarity between both the foods. Here is one classic example of a cuisine which has both American and French roots. A food made with mussels, you can also use petals of raw scallops with citrus vinaigrette along with grilled beef with toasted mustard and raw carrots, this particular dish is a bouillon. You would love to have this with your friends and family.
Apart from France and America this particular food has made a global acceptance both in Europe, Parts of North America and South America especially in Panama. The restaurants in Panama have rated it as the best food in Panama.
French people do have lunch for longer period of time on the contrary Americans are more in favor of having lunch in quick time. As said the country of Panama has made enormous progress in delivering foreign foods. One of the Indian restaurant in Panama have serving array of American and French food opines the American populace are very fast when it comes to approaching food.

To be honest both the French and Americans do like each other’s food culture. The Americans especially are more keen towards the French wines and the French chocolates and the varied amount of soups.
On the other hand the French are very keen in having American sausages, American Choc Pie and American crispy chicken. The American crispy chicken is one of the food that has been liked by all and sundry. It has been rated as one of the best food in Panama, Indonesia, India, United Kingdom and various other countries of the world, but French food is lighter than American food and keeps your health in proper shape. French chefs use less oil and less spice in order to bring up an opulent taste.

French people love having breakfast with bread salad whereas Indian restaurant in Panama which has a reputation of serving array of French and American foods have made remarks that American prefer burger and hot dogs for breakfast.