Inputs on Delhi Food and Sightseeing

Whenever it comes to looking for interesting places in Delhi, almost every tourist faces the problem of plenty. After all, richly steeped in thousands of years of colourful Hindu, Islamic, and Colonial history, the city has inherited a priceless heritage in the form of spectacular old monuments and historic sites. However, Delhi is not only about culture and history. There are also dozens of very popular shopping precincts and eating joints dotting the destination. Come, letâEUR(TM)s explore some of the top sightseeing spots in Delhi and some of the other facets of the destinations.

A Historical Tour of Delhi

Some of the famous monuments in Delhi are HumayunâEUR(TM)s Tomb, Qutub Minar, red fort, and Jama Masjid. While the legendary Red Fort was largely built by Shah Jahan, certain other interesting additions were made by Aurangzeb and other later Mughal rulers. The Light and Sound Show here is not to be missed. The HumayunâEUR(TM)s Tomb tells itâEUR(TM)s own tale. It was built by HumayunâEUR(TM)s widow in his memory and is supposedly the inspiration behind the construction of the Taj Mahal. The Qutub Minar at Mehrauli is another not to be missed attraction. Built from marble and red stone, it kisses the clouds at a height of around 72.5 metres and remains IndiaâEUR(TM)s tallest minaret. Similarly, the humongous Jama Masjid is amongst the largest mosques in Asia. This is not all, with some of the other historical top sightseeing spots in Delhi being Parliament House, PresidentâEUR(TM)s House, and India Gate.

A Culinary Voyage across Delhi

There are numerous places in Delhi, where food is simply irresistible. Be it, swanky Five Star Hotels and restaurants, or cheap pocket friendly street stalls, Delhi pampers the avid foodie no end. While the Bukhara of Maurya Sheraton has seduced celebrities world over including Bill Clinton, Vladimir Putin, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, humbler eating joints such as KarimâEUR(TM)s and Kake di hatti have tickled the taste buds of generations of locals and visitors alike. Some of the other notable eating joints of the capital include Punjabi by Nature, Khan ChachaâEUR(TM)s outlets, Veda, and Chor Bizarre. A little tip here. Besides KarimâEUR(TM)s, there are scores of other smaller joints outside Jama Masjid, where you can gorge upon some of the tastiest of Mughlai cuisines. Jama Masjid also remains one of the most famous monuments in Delhi and makes for a wonderful way to blend a sightseeing tour with a gastronomical adventure.

When to Visit Delhi

Well, Delhi weather is pretty notorious, especially during the summer months of April to July. With the onset of the rains from July onwards, things start improving. However, the most comfortable months are October and November. December, January, and early February are good if you donâEUR(TM)t mind some bitterly cold spells. Late February and March are also excellent times.

Places around Delhi

Agra and Jaipur remain a couple of most popular weekend getaways from Delhi. In fact, both these destinations, together with Delhi, are known as the world famous âEUR~Golden Triangle TourâEUR(TM). By road, the distance from Delhi to Agra is around 200 km, while Delhi to Jaipur is approximately 270 km. If you are willing to venture a little afar,, then Mumbai can be another option. Although, it isnâEUR(TM)t exactly one of the places near Delhi, you can be there in less than two hours, if you take a Delhi to Mumbai flight.

Indian Recipes for Indian Food and Cooking

Indian recipes give you a chance to experience some of the most unique cuisines and original tastes in the world. The information age is playing its part in spreading the word about Indian food to different parts of the world with most people embracing it. The interest in the cuisines is because of their sweetness. Potato recipes can work well with Indian food since potato can be a good combination for most soups and cuisines made in different styles. This fact of Indian recipes is evidence of its fame and how it is identified with the Indian subcontinent.

Most of the information in Indian recipes comes with enough mention of herbs, flavors, and spices with these substances likely to play a big role in giving you unique smells of Indian food. Pepper, chilly, and turmeric are some of the things that will give you a taste that is exclusive to Indian cooking. You will also need rice or bread recipes with your Indian cooking because these are the most common foods that combine with Indian cuisine. Others are lentil, vegetables, chutney, and potatoes that Indian recipes point should come from the region.

A significant percentage of Indian populations are vegetarians and as such it would be expected that Indian foods consist of vegetables. Lentil dishes and curries are thus the most popular forms of cooking in Indian recipes served with rice and bread. World recipes always have regional population considerations and you will find that different places in India have their unique cooking. Indian recipes are mostly based on culture, religion, and even caste as well region since cooking in India varies from region to region. There are four main regions in India with each one having its own cooking style. Festivals also play a part in determining how food is made with bread recipes providing different bread combinations for the cuisine.

From the northern region of India come dishes that are mostly prepared with bread and rice and a variety of spices. This style of cooking has been there for generations influenced by the mughal method of cooking and is one of the most popular of Indian recipes. The southern region of India is to a large extent vegetarian with world recipes bringing out the food as spicier than that of other regions. For this region, potato recipes are a good idea due to the demand for vegetables in a majority of foods.

Cooking in India is also based on different kinds of bread and rice as the main course. Curry leaves, spices, and herbal ingredients are important for the styles in Indian recipes. It seems that bread recipes will equally be important in your culinary experience of Indian cooking. For parties, Indian recipes have a variety of cooking styles available but you should look for recipes that will provide you with useful information so that you can make the most of your cooking. There is also a wide variety of foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas that these recipes offer for sampling.

Indian Restaurants in Delhi: For the Connoisseur of Good Food and Good Life

New Delhi is a melting pot of cultures and traditions, offering outsiders the perfect stage to relish it all. From shopping of various handicrafts, to regional languages, from the celebration of various festivals to different cuisines, the capital city of India has it all. It’s a city where one can experience the taste of a united India. If you are travelling to India and do not indulge in the unique culinary journey then you have surely missed something of great value. If you want to have a truly exotic holiday, you must give your taste buds a chance to savor the beautiful and multiple varieties of delicacies available here.

A glorious past and the touch of the Mughal era as well as the modern Indian flavors with the right dose of experimentation with cooking has given birth to many Indian restaurants in Delhi. One will find a wide range of cuisines as per the region of India. For instance, one can find Punjabi cuisine, Kashmiri cuisine, and Bengali cuisine and so on. Each region of India presents a new taste and a new range of food and one must definitely try a few of the regional cuisines available at the Indian restaurants in Delhi.

Kashmiri cuisine is from the state of Kashmir where meat plays a dominant role. Since the ancient times, the people of Kashmir have been non-vegetarians and this tradition is still followed today where the whole family sits down to have delicacies and food items such as Rogan Josh, Yakhni and Kaanti amongst others. Also, a popular eating ritual involves Wazwan, a multi-course meal that consists of seekh kebabs, barbecued ribs along with other variety of dishes. Drinking tea is also another important part of their ritual such as the very famous Kawah chai.

Bengali cuisine is yet another cuisine where one will find great emphasis is laid on fish, vegetables, and lentils, all served with a bowl of rice. Bengalis also love to eat desserts and other bakery items. Hence, if one has a sweet tooth, he or she will not be disappointed.

Punjabi cuisine is quite popular amongst them all which include breakfast items such as Aloo Paranthas, Halwa Poori and Lassi. The main dishes that are part of this food spread are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian such as Sarson Ka Saag, Kebabs, Biryani, Butter Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, Keema, and Choley served with Naan or Kulcha.

If you have a craving for Chinese food in Delhi, you will find quite many places. From complete authentic dishes till the time you take a sip of your jasmine tea and crack open your fortune cookie; your dining experience will be one of pleasure. Whether you are dining out with your family or friends, there are many restaurants serving authentic Chinese food in Delhi.

Food and Beverages Industry in India Gaining Edge

Food and beverage industry has been coming out with flying colours for almost twenty years due to the global fiscal growth. Especially, the developing countries have developed by leaps and bounds because of the augmentation in the GDP. The hotel business has redoubled in India since the people have got a lot of job opportunities during recent years. Considering the year of 1993, the people used to get the salary INR.5000; however, in course of time the people have started receiving salary near about INR.15000 per month. That is why; the power of purchasing has increased manifold within last two decades

As per the Franchise India report, the Indian food and beverage industry is estimated almost INR. 75,000 and it is growing at a prodigious rate that indicates the potential of this industry. Previously people were not interested studying the hotel and hospitality, however, the transformation in the information technology, manufacturing industry has made everybody’s wallets thick. Since the people are these days comfortable with their lifestyle, they started understanding the hospitality industry. The colleges and varsities have been hyperactive to offer multifarious courses for the development in this industry. There is a huge demand in the industries in India as the five star hotels, restaurants and shopping malls are equipped with high-end restaurants have been mushrooming in the recent years. There are a lot to take place in this sophisticated industry in the near future if the rate of growth remains intact.

There are many avenues for the people who are eager to nurture the business pertaining to hotel and hospitality. It has an extended range of opportunities where one can commence business and make the wallet strong with far-less effort and time. There are many beverage productions and machines that can augment the business at a phenomenal rate. For example; the tea vending machines, soft drink machines are in great demand due to increasing numbers of offices in India. The benefit of this machineries and equipments is to keep the manpower less in the competitive era.

Similarly, the dairy equipments, sugar industry instruments and confectionary machines are making good fortune since wide range of business available in the market due to the economic growth in our country. The food exporters and importers have great time ahead particularly in India and China since the emerging market of food and beverage industries have many places to keep pace. The food processing industry has also a great role to make a move to deal in the business relating to food industries.

The huge areas of agricultural fields has facilitated for the people in India to deal in the culinary activities. The adequate livestock, cost effectiveness and manpower are the key reasons to nurture the business at a rapid rate. The major key players in this field are LT food ltd, the Indian subsidiary of French Food Company; Nutricia International has a great role to offer quality services to the hotel and culinary industries. These companies are expected to redouble their business in the next three years. Moreover, India is gaining edge over the chocolate business, milk products and grains etc.